Get To Know Your Roundtable: Susie Turner
Get To Know Your Roundtable: Susie Turner

Get To Know Your Roundtable: Susie Turner

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Susie Turner

Your Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable is comprised of a group of representatives from key sectors and interests of the local food system who share the goal of a healthier food system in Waterloo Region. Your Board representatives include local farmers, emergency food providers, food processing, distributing, and retail businesspeople, health professionals, academics, and more. In this new interview series, we invite you to ‘Get to Know Your Roundtable’!

1. How long have you been a board member?

Since January 2017.

2. What was your main reason / motivation for becoming a Roundtable member?

I’m passionate about local, sustainable food systems and engaging meaningfully in the community.

3. How else are you involved in the regional food system?

I’m conducting my master’s research on the economic ROI of community gardens. I also support the Community Garden Council and participate in a community garden.

4. Can you describe how you became interested in your food-related work (eg. background)?

Long-time passion and involvement in environmental and sustainability initiatives. My interest in food specifically strengthened through several courses throughout my undergraduate studies, volunteer involvement with organizations such as Young City Growers and a stint at a Quebec farm through WWOOF.

5. In an ideal world without limits, what is your ‘food system’ vision?

Tightly connected value chains situated close to sites of consumption where creative means (such as vertical farming, hydroponics, expanded urban agriculture) are employed to enhance food system sustainability. The gap between consumers and production processes would be narrowed, whether by direct involvement in the production of some form or through increased awareness/proximity to producers and production process.