Food System Roundtable WR


Food insecurity is a growing crisis in our region with the unaffordability of food, housing, and basic necessities along with minimal income and social support, low wages, and growing inequalities.

The Waterloo Region Food Systems Roundtable is a non-profit food policy group that is dedicated to accelerating the growth of a resilient local food system in Waterloo Region through advocacy, community connections, research, and education!

We help amplify voices and support grassroots community food initiatives for equity and food justice within the context of intersecting ecological crises (pollution, soil degradation, climate +) and our current commodified, colonial food system.  Everyone is welcome to the table! 

Become a member in two quick steps:

  1. Proceed with your membership payment (suggested $20) through our Canada Helps Donation page, administered by Seeds of Diversity, so it’s tax deductible! NON-MEMBERSHIP DONATIONS ALSO WELCOME.
  2. Provide your contact info and opt-in as a member with this form!

Thank you for supporting this work towards a healthier local food system!